bukit apit bumi persada well services


PT. Bukit Apit Bumi Persada (BBP) has established its name as a premier player in oil and gas industries in Indonesia. We are one hundred percent locally owned company and utilized mostly local resources when doing our job. BBP currently serves not only local oil company (Pertamina etc.) but also have completed several projects with International oil companies such as Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, etc. We take pride of our long history as one of the first local company that were able to compete with other internationally established well service companies

BBP has expanded its portfolio beyond well services to partner up with State owned oil company Pertamina to operate an oil field in Sumatera. Known as TAC (Technical Assistance Contract) consortium, it allows BBP to individually manage a block of oil wells and helps Pertamina increase its current production. Other areas that BBP is currently developing is the 2D and 3D seismic and the development of Drilling Chemicals

Beside being recognized for its excellent services, BBP has made commitment to the safety of its people, the equipments and the environment. We believe that what’s taken from the ground will eventually circle back into the ground therefore we feel the need to keep the cycle of this circle alive for our future generation.

indonesia’s premier well services company

PT. Bukit Apit Bumi Persada (BBP) was founded in year 2000. It has established itself as a major player in well services industry in Indonesia and surrounding countries. BBP take pride itself by being 100% Indonesia